Thursday, November 28, 2013

Mock Draft 11.28.13: DustInTheWind

1st Round:  DE Trent Murphy -- Stanford 
Only thing I want to say about him is this quote from an SI article: "I put my hand [on] the ground, get my hips up in the air and it's like I'm going hunting," said the fifth-year senior. "I'm going after something.  There's an end point I'm trying to get to, and there's someone trying to stop me. It's man versus man.  It's my favorite thing to do." 

2nd Round:  RB Andre Williams -- Boston College
Williams is putting up numbers we haven't seen the likes of since Barry Sanders was running wild for Oklahoma State.  Not saying he will ever be the player Sanders is or was, just that the numbers he is putting up as RB in this day and age of college ball is VERY impressive.  I know a lot of Raider fans are fine moving forward with just Jennings, but I would feel much more comfortable with the addition of someone like Williams to our mix of guys.  Between Williams, Jennings, and the healing Latavius Murray we would have a solid group of guys that could pound the rock like few teams are capable of.  Also has the feel of a RM guy - seems humble, level headed and mature off the field.  Writing a book, reads poetry and studies philosophy in his spare time. 

3rd Round:  OG Anthony Steen -- Alabama 
Heard some concern about shorter arms than some would like.  Hopefully, this causes him to drop for Oakland as he's a beast and has been helping open running lanes for Yeldon all year long. 

4th Round:  FS Terrence Brooks -- Florida State
Reminds me of my favorite safety ever - Sean Taylor - and if he's even half the player that he was, the Raiders will be getting their eventual replacement for Woodson. 

6th Round:  WR Eric Ward -- Texas Tech 
I wanted to select a WR in the Top 100 picks but it didn't work out and I expect to see Streater continue to become the Oakland bonafide starter.  I'm also hanging onto a thread of hope that Criner will figure it out and contribute.  Until then Oakland needs a quality slot receiver to work with Streater, Rivera, and the #2 (free agent or Denarius Moore?). 

7th Round:  OG John Urschel -- Penn State 
Seems like a RM pick.  Solid contributor on the field and seems like a great person off.  Would fill much needed depth for interior line.  Obtained his BS in Mathematics in 3 years with a 4.0 GPA and finished his Master's Degree in Mathematics all before the Draft.

7th Round (AZ trade):  CB Qua Cox -- Jackson State 
Touted as a great man-to-man cover guy and his physical game shows up on film.  With some unknowns as far as who might be re-signed from our current guys it wouldn't hurt to add a guy like Cox that has a chance of developing into a potential starter.

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  1. Nice group of picks DIW. Big fan of both Murphy and Williams...and I especially like the Terrence Brooks pick. Brooks plays much bigger than his size.