Monday, November 25, 2013

Post-Tennessee Media

RaiderCentral...always the best with local clips.  Thanks again.

Side notes on the game:

The offensive line is doing a better job at pass pro as the season goes on.  To be expected with extended playing time, hopefully it will be even better down the stretch with Veldheer set to return in a couple of weeks.  

Running the ball was less effective at home vs. Tennessee, who have a pretty solid defensive unit, two solid corners and some good run defenders up the middle in Brown, Pollard, Ayers and Casey.  Olson used some misdirection to help spring Jennings off the edge which was good to see as he was getting bottled up inside for most of the game.

McGloin had a decent second start but threw a really bad INT.  Mercifully, the defense bailed him out only giving up a field goal.

Defensively, while it's hard to swallow that last drive, they played pretty well.  Personally thought Porter had an off game, and the manufactured pass rush was getting picked up relatively well by the Tennessee OL (especially on the final drive)...and that Titan OL is pretty good, they have some solid veterans and rookies in that group.  This gives Reggie even more evidence that a true pass rusher is needed opposite Lamarr Houston.

Good to see Miles Burris back in action, thought he was flying around with some urgency, but he definitely needs more snaps in the back third of this season to make some serious impact.

Tyvon Branch is sorely missed, Ross and Adams are starting to get exposed, especially on that Hunter debacle.

Not having Moore and Watson out there some extent losing D.J. Hayden for the year hurts too.  Didn't like seeing Chekwa in single coverage on a 4th quarter drive that eventually won the game for Tennessee...lack of depth evident, injury bug always evident.

Ford with another fumble, he might as well book an open ended ticket out of Oakland after the season, along with Darren McFadden.

Janikowski missing two FGs was a disappointment.  Not sure what was off, but it hurt, it hurt a lot.

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