Friday, April 26, 2013

DITW, Best Available for Oakland: Day 2

DustInTheWind weighs in...

Top 10 available: Day 2

These are Raider specific and will exclude some really good players like CB Jamar Taylor that I simply don't see Reggie McKenzie drafting for various reasons, despite their talent. 

1.  DE Cornellius Carradine, FSU
Many believe he would have been one of the top pass rushers if not for his injury this past season and even with that many thought he could still sneak into the draft's first round.  Now on Day 2 he could be a top option for both Jacksonville and Oakland, two teams that were terrible at getting to the QB last year.  The medical concerns are the biggest worry here, but Hayden's brush with death didn't seem to scare the Raiders one bit.

2.  DT Jesse Williams, Alabama
The Raiders defensive line is quite an unknown right now with new additions at almost every position via FA.  Williams could be the new anchor of this unit, as well as a disruptive force that shows quick feet and agility that a man his size shouldn't possess.  There are medical concerns here as well since Williams has reportedly had several knee operations.

3.  WR Justin Hunter, Tennessee
There is a lot of potential currently at WR for the Raiders, but adding a "true" #1 WR could pay dividends for the offense and team moving forward.  Hunter can be that type of player for the Raiders as he's physically gifted and shows the ability to run every kind of route -- work underneath or stretch the field.

4.  DE Damontre Moore, Texas A&M
Despite having an awful offseason, Moore has shown he can consistently get to the QB against top compeition in college.  He's not an athletic freak like Ansah or Mingo, but he is a pass rusher that has experience as a OLB and 4-3 end.  The Raiders current DL coach was with him at Texas A&M and Coach Allen is an alum, given Moore's young age (will be on 21 at the start of this year) they may believe they can mold him into a force off the edge.

5.  OG Larry Warford, Kentucky
While I believe Bergstrom can and will be a starting guard for the Raiders this year adding a talented bulldozer in Warford could only help the run and pass games.  He's a force that gave Sheldon Richardson (a 1st round pick) fits last year.

6.  WR Keenan Allen, Cal 
Good route runner who always shows a knack for creating seperation and making the catch. Again, here is a player with an injury history.  The entire Raiders staff showed up for Cal's pro day and prior to that I assure you the scouting department did their job and know what Allen could offer an NFL team.

7.  RB Eddie Lacy, Alabama
I know many fans are not excited by the rumors that Reggie McKenzie is a big fan of Lacy.  While we do have DMC and added Rashad Jennings this offseason this pick would offer some stability moving forward as this McFadden's contract year and he seems unable to make it through an entire season.  Lacy reminds me of Marshawn Lynch and having that type of back on the team can only be a good thing.

8.  S Johnathan Cyprien, FIU
Reggie McKenzie addressed the position in FA, but adding a talented player like Cyprien, who has shown the range, awareness, and physicality needed to be force at the position would help out the rest of the defense.  I have him so far down the list here because I have a feeling the Bengals will draft him at #37 as I thought they were targeting him in Round 1.  If he's actually still avaliable when the Raiders make their pick it would be hard not to have him #1 on this list.

9.  TE Zach Ertz, Stanford
I'm not overly excited by this guy, but word is the Raiders really like him, he's a local kid and the tight end spot seems like a huge void on offense right now.  While I believe good options at the postition could be had later I can see why he could be the pick.  Has shown the skills needed to stretch the field as a pass catcher and shows the willingness to block, though this is an area I think he needs to work on.

10.  DE Alex Okafor, Texas
I feel like Okafor is really underrated and more than capable of starting at DE or OLB in this league.  A talented aggressive player that shows good awareness and hand use.  Can play the pass and run with similar ease.

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