Thursday, April 25, 2013

NFL Draft Rumblings: Day 1

(4:28 pm PT): Dion Jordan's name being linked to Oakland at No. 3.  Fisher/Joeckel all but locked at 1 and way or another (trades).

(2:12 pm PT): That "Chiefs inform Luke Joeckel" information is 99% BS.  AFC West rival messing with the Oakland phone lines indirectly.  Nothing final until about 3 hours from now.  However, it doesn't mean the news associated with the rumor will make it any less untrue.  Also, there are trades on the table for KC apparently, whether they're good enough for Reid in Co., who knows.

(1:44 pm PT): Little tidbits here and there.  NY Giants may be in the market for Manti Te'o, they pick at No. 19, one spot ahead of the Bears who just lost Urlacher.

(1:18 pm PT): There's word that Luke Joeckel has been contacted by the Kansas City Chiefs.  The news may not have been what he wanted to hear...take it as you will...and it's possible the story is bull.

(1:07 pm PT): Really weird rumor on Twitter now that the Raiders are taking D.J. Hayden at No. 3.  Don't see that at all.

(11:50 am PT): Latest from DA and 2012 Raider Draft Review (Thanks to RaiderCentral)

(9:13 am PT): The supposed deal with the Raiders from Atlanta is apparently very real, and it is sounding more and more likely that the Raiders will take it (on par with previous Julio Jones deal).  There is also news that there are numerous offers to Jacksonville to potentially leap from Oakland...however, the previous news of Jacksonville foregoing a trade down to select Ziggy Ansah could indeed still happen. Holding that 3rd Offensive Tackle (Lane Johnson) may be the best option if Atlanta deal doesn't happen.  Reggie getting a load of phone calls.

(7:35 am PT): At this point don't expect any Mock Drafts from's all going to be trades.  However, if there was a Top 5 "For Oakland" right now at the No. 3 spot, they would include: 1. Eric Fisher 2. Dion Jordan 3. Luke Joeckel 4. Ezekiel Ansah 5. Star Lotulelei.  Ansah being the biggest risk/reward.

(7:22 am PT): St. Louis Rams actively shopping their No. 22 pick.

Thursday, 4/25 (7:00 am PT): It would appear that there are several teams linked to Oakland in a trade up.  Those teams are Detroit (No. 5), Cleveland (No. 6), Miami (No. 12), Minnesota (No.'s 23 and 25)Atlanta (No. 30) and San Francisco (No. 31).

Thursday, 4/25 (5:40 am PT):  Jacksonville now sounds like they will take the faller of the Joeckel/Fisher sweepstakes at No. 1.  Possibly wait for a trade down partner...this would leave Oakland in a position to trade the rights for Lane Johnson, who has been linked to the Eagles at No. 4.  This flies in the previous idea that Ezekiel Ansah was their man no matter what, but perhaps the value of dropping spots and gaining picks in this draft is starting to weight on Dave Caldwell.  Almost all scenarios at this point lead to Oakland being able to trade down, or draft one of the top two rated DEs in this class (Dion Jordan & Ezekiel Ansah) or just drafting Lane Johnson outright, or perhaps Star Lotulelei.

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