Wednesday, April 10, 2013

NFL Draft Insider & Deonte Williams

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So, the possible deal with the Miami Dolphins.

For the No. 3 Overall Pick and securing themselves one of the Big 3 Offensive Tackles in the 2013 NFL Draft Class...the Raiders WANT No. 12, No. 42, No. 82 & 2014 3rd Round pick.  However, it is likely that as the draft approaches the Dolphins and Raiders could reach a lighter deal if McKenzie relents....No. 12, No. 42, No. 146 and 2014 4th gets the deal done.

That's the rumor.

The added 2nd and 4th Round pick in a deep, but not overly talented Draft class would do wonders for Oakland right now.

Also, here are some 2012 and 2011 highlights of Cal Poly RB Deonte Williams who recently worked out for Oakland:

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