Monday, March 18, 2013

2013 NFL Draft: Oakland Raiders

The order, with compensatory selection(s), breaks down as follows for Oakland:

Round 1:  Pick No. 3 (3rd Overall)
Round 3:  Pick No. 4 (66th Overall)
Round 4:  Pick No. 3 (100th Overall)
Round 6:  Pick No. 4 (172nd Overall)
Round 6c: Pick No. 37 (205th Overall)
Round 7: Pick No. 3 (209th Overall)
Round 7t: Pick No. 13 (219th Overall)

So, as of now, 7 selections with 3 in the Top 100.  Much better than 2012 that's for sure.

If Oakland doesn't manage a trade down in the 1st, you can bet Reggie McKenzie will be working to secure and extra 4th/5th/6th with a trade down in the 3rd.

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