Friday, March 21, 2014

Matt Schaub

Thanks to RaiderCentral on YouTube for uploading Schaub's PC:

Update (1:35 pm PT): Schaub deal will reportedly take away Oakland's 2014 6th Rd. pick.  Unconfirmed however, but NFL Live did report a 6th.  It's a 6th...Official.

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Formal trade expected to happen today between the Texans and the Raiders.

The signing of Schaub is a shot in the arm for the offense.  Lacking a proven, veteran presence at QB, Schaub comes into Oakland as the likely starter heading into the 2014-2015 season.  He is coming off his worst season in the League on a Texan team that was decimated by key injuries and frustration.

In his better years Schaub was a ball control QB, that played well off the play-action.  Obviously, this kind of offense calls for a strong rushing attack.  Given the Raiders signing so many maulers up front, expect Oakland to install a run-first play-action style offense with big play potential.  The only differences are OC Greg Olson and OL Coach Tony Sparano...they will stay creative, yet pound the rock in Power-Man with some Zone Blocking Scheme (ZBS) sprinkled in.  Houston was known for running a heavy ZBS, but don't expect that kind of offensive football to be it was under Knapp.

It's unknown, at this time, as to what Oakland will pay to secure the playing rights of Schaub.  A draft pick will likely be involved.  Unloading the contract ($14.4375M) this season is likely the prime motivating factor for Houston, that and Bill O'Brien looking to establish a new identity on offense.  We'll see how the numbers shake out later today...


  1. The next question is.....will Schaub's signing open up the door for another FA pickup in TE Owen Daniels? Schaub's security blanket would help Rivera and Kasa, etc develop.

  2. Schaub would definitely lobby for Daniels, but the question is if Daniels fits into Olson's scheme. Olson has to evaluate him just like everybody else...however, given Schaub's esp with the guy, would be a very astute pick up...considering the lack of verified depth at TE in Oakland.