Thursday, March 6, 2014


It's being reported that LT Jared Veldheer and the Oakland Raiders have met and a deal has been extended.

5 yr. deal with 6th year option.  $55M with $23M guaranteed.

We'll find out what happens tomorrow on "Reggie Day" (Friday).  Veldheer may test the market for the weekend to weigh more options.

update: per League source, report might be inaccurate...

update on update: The OFFER WAS EXTENDED, it's just a matter of accuracy in terms of money.  Now it's up to Jared Veldheer and his brother to sign it or throw more lines out in the water across the League.  (fyi, Veldheer's brother is now his agent...keeping the money in the family)

Obviously, the Raiders offered less than a franchise tag would've given Veldheer, roughly $11M per, so maybe $9M per is a pretty accurate amount...maybe it was $10M per who knows.  

Anyway, it's Reggie Day, let's see what happens.

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