Saturday, March 29, 2014

The DeSean Jackson FA Saga...

...has just begun.

Mutual interest exists between DeSean Jackson and the Oakland has been reported, but not entirely confirmed, that there may be an initial deal set in place for DJax to become a Raider, but the Jackson camp will run meetings with other teams to see if the price can be driven up.

Jackson is set to visit the Washington Redskins on Monday (a divisional foe of the Eagles)...we'll just have to wait and see where this ends up going.

#DJaxToOakland overwhelmed Twitter Friday night and most of Saturday.  Raider Nation is definitely on board with Jackson becoming a Raider.  Signing Jackson would give Oakland an instant #1 WR target in a corps that has been lacking star power for far too long.

Question marks and speculation are running rampant on Jackson right now.  From gang affiliations to poor locker room morale, to missing meetings, to being extremely outspoken and disruptive...whether or not all, or any of these negatives are true...the real question is whether or not Oakland has the locker room to handle a personality like Jackson.  Football-wise, it's a no brainer...Jackson would be a huge boost for the offense.

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